NYC Councilman Joe Borelli says progressive Democrat policies are to blame for the rise in New York homicides

Durante un'apparizione su “Rapporti dell'AmericaBorelli said cities withentrenched progressive governmentswho have defunded the police have made their cities more dangerous. “Not one of these cities run by progressives can say that their city is safer than it was two years ago.

You don’t have to go in a time machine to think back far when a place like New York City was the model of safe and large global cities. It was literally two years ago. You can only look at the policy changes that progressive Democrats in Albany are making. We talk about hate crime. Democrats enacted bail reform. They had a choice of what they could put on the bail reform list or keep it with bail and they chose not to have hate crimes.


There’s no more taking politics out of it. When you have a progressive Democratic government governing your city it’s likely going to be less safe. This is just the reality,” Borelli added.

Ospite John Roberts noted St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones seems to be doubling down on the idea of defunding the police by proposing the city close a jail and divert police funds to social programs.

Borelli responded by criticizing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for touting the lowest Rikers Island population since World War II.

If that corresponded to the lowest crime rate since World War II, we would have a parade down Broadway, but that’s not the case.

If we are going to continue down this road, we already don’t have enough police officers to flood the streets where all of these other shootings happen. The majority of the shootings and the ones that account for the bulk of the volume increases, those are happening on lesser-known intersections around the five boroughs and we don’t have enough cops to flood those streets. We need to, but we won’t because of progressive Democrats.

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