NYC councilman on crime spike: 'I'm running out of reasons to tell people to stay'

BORELLI: For eighteen months, New York’s woke Democrats have systematically eroded criminal justice and empowered criminals. There was bail reform, 警察の資金を払い戻す, and ending qualified immunity. Recently it was criminalizing police actions. So it’s tough to imagine any other outcome they could possibly have foreseen other than a spike in crime.

You don’t hear about it, そして you won’t because the solution to this is proactive policing. It’s a type of policing that most of the celebrities, most reform activists, and people on the street protesting around New York City, it’s that type of policing which they specifically do not want.

This is something that the left has been pushing for in this city for a generation, and now we have finally achieved it. We see an exodus, 当然のことながら, an exodus out of New York State. Not just to Florida, not just to the Carolinas and not just to [low-]tax climates. We see people moving to New Jersey just because they perceive to get a better quality of life in a safer community. I’m running out of reasons to tell people to stay.