NYC 아빠, 인종 중심 커리큘럼을 통해 엘리트 학교에 보내는 편지: We 'see the writing on the wall'

앤드류 구트 만: 힘들고 힘들지 않았어요, 솔직히. 결국 그렇게 뻔한 결정 이었어. You saw this creep into the school a little bit through the seven years we were there but there was just a big change with Black Lives Matter and George Floyd about a year ago where there was just this obsession with race. We tried to organize parents a little bit. Very few parents were willing to speak up and finally, we sent a letter after we decided that we would not re-enroll her next year. It’s was tough, it really is a great school…it is kind of a feeder school to great universities but in the end we really care about education, and I didn’t think my daughter would get the education we thought she would get if we kept her in the school through high school, so we made the decision.

나는 have some interesting views on education. I think history, 예를 들면, is probably the subject that is most important. History and civics for children to learn in this country. I already don’t think we do a great job of that. But what you see with the changes of curriculum, with what they’re doing with this critical race theory in the schools, they’re even more so eradicating and changing the classical literature curriculum. So what Brearley was known for the great education and it’s changing. You can see the writing on the wall. If this is not stopped, it will continue to deteriorate. I think it’s not the school that it was when our daughter joined in kindergarten.

There’s no willingness to debate, there’s no willingness to dissent or discuss. You’re either on board with this or you’re a racist. And we don’t want you in the school. That’s what they’re doing.

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