NYC man doused with caustic liquid in ambush attack caught on video

사건은 주변에서 일어났다 10 오후. 칠월 5 near the corner of West 47th Street and Sixth Avene, 뉴욕 경찰서는 말했다.

In a video tweeted by the NYPD on Tuesday, a shirtless man is seen running behind a man and dousing him with a liquid on the back of his head before running away.

No words were exchange prior to the attack, NYPD는 말했다.

피해자, who owns a jewelry shop in the Diamond District, 에 따르면 WABC-TV, took himself to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center the next day.

He was treated for second-degree burns on his back.

The suspect was described as a man about 5 피트, seven inches tall and weighing around 130 파운드. He has brown hair and brown eyes, 경찰은 말했다.

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