NYC protesters who held 'freedom rally' at Times Square to march in support of Kyrie Irving

Jo Rose, who was at the rally in Times Square and will attend the demonstration for Irving, told Fox News they will start at Commodore Battery Park and march to the Barclays Center ahead of the opening game for the ネット. Irving is not eligible to play home games in Brooklyn because of a New York City mandate.

One of the organizers, John Matland, told Fox News he anticipates several thousand attendees.

NYC Rally

NYC Rally (John Matland)

Matland described the burgeoning movement as awidely diverse groupunited under the goal of stopping what they regard as an infringement on their personal liberties.

ほぼ 1,000 people converged on Times Square last Saturday for aBroadway Rally for Freedomto protest the city’s draconian vaccine mandate.


Participants carried signs readingNo mandates … My Body, My Choiceand another demandingequal rights for vaxxed” そして “unvaxxed.

Speakers included vaccine skeptic, ロバートF. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former President John F. ケネディ.

We have no business giving this to little children,” Kennedy told the crowd. “It is unethical, it is medical malpractice.

フェイスブック banned Kennedy Jr.’s Instagram page earlier this year over his posts expressing skepticism about the COVID-19(新型コロナウイルス感染症 ワクチン.

カイリー・アービング #11 ブルックリンネッツのラウンド中のボストンセルティックスとの試合中に見ています 1, ゲーム 5 の 2021 6月のNBAプレーオフ 1, 2021 ブルックリンのバークレイズセンターで, ニューヨーク.

カイリー・アービング #11 ブルックリンネッツのラウンド中のボストンセルティックスとの試合中に見ています 1, ゲーム 5 の 2021 6月のNBAプレーオフ 1, 2021 ブルックリンのバークレイズセンターで, ニューヨーク. (ナサニエルSによる写真. ゲッティイメージズ経由のバトラー/ NBAE)

New York City residents and visitors are required to show proof of vaccination for indoor dining, gyms and shows.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio touted the city as the first in the nation to take this approach. The city launched the policy – dubbed the “ニューヨークへの鍵” – on Aug. 16 and began enforcing it on Sept. 13.

土曜日 “Broadway Rally for Freedomcame ahead of de Blasio’s Wednesday 注文 for the city’s municipal workers to their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine by Oct. 29 or potentially lose their jobs.

The rule covers 160,500 労働者, of whom about 71% are partially or fully vaccinated, 公式の見積もりによると.

Matland told Fox News that the purpose of the rallies he helps organize is to show the world, “we want our rights back, we don’t want to be treated like second-class citizens.

Fox News’ Audrey Conklin contributed to this report.