Obama admits reading Marx ‘as a strategy for picking up girls

Obama admits reading Marx 'as a strategy for picking up girls'

전 대통령 Barack Obama admits in his new memoir, “A Promised Land,” to reading Karl Marx and other authors in an attempt to impress girls.

The book, released Tuesday 에 25 languages, is the first volume in a series of memoirs from the former president.

Looking back, it’s embarrassing to recognize the degree to which my intellectual curiosity those first two years of college paralleled the interests of various women I was attempting to get to know: Marx and Marcuse so I had something to say to the long-legged socialist who lived in my dorm,” Obama wrote.

Marx was a 19th-century author from Germany known asthe father of communism,” whose publication, “The Communist Manifesto,” inspired many future socialist and communist leaders. Herbert Marcuse, 그 동안에, was a German-American philosopher.

Obama went on to mention a number of other famous intellectuals and authors including Frantz Fanon, Gwendolyn Brooks, Michel Foucault and Virginia Woolf, whom he also read to catch the attention of various women he met in college.


As a strategy for picking up girls, my pseudo-intellectualism proved mostly worthless; I found myself in a series of affectionate but chaste friendships,” the former president recalled.

The memoir costs $ 45 미국에서. and is 768 pages.

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