Il segretario all'istruzione di Obama è stato condannato per aver paragonato gli anti-mascheramento agli attentatori suicidi di Kabul in un tweet

“Hai notato quanto siano sorprendentemente simili sia le mentalità che le azioni tra gli attentatori suicidi all'aeroporto di Kabul?, e le persone anti-maschera e anti-vax qui?” Duncan wrote on Twitter. “They both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them, and are convinced they are fighting for freedom.

Duncan, one of former President Barack Obama’s longest-serving Cabinet officials, made the comment shortly before the bodies of 13 NOI. membri del servizio, who were killed in last week’s terrorist suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan, erano ricevuto by the president and first lady at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday.

Duncan’s comments prompted a fierce reaction on social media, with critics noting the irony of his words just a day after he encouraged people totreat each other with compassion.


What a difference a day makes,” ha scritto un utente, calling out Duncan’s rapid hypocrisy.

This tweet will just make people think mental illness is a side effect of the vaccine,” The Blaze’s Jessica O’Donnell tweeted.

You lack a soul and brain. The only thing striking is your ignorance,” ha detto il conduttore radiofonico Jason Rantz.

Matthew Betley, a veteran and self-describedpro-mask pro-vaccine conservativeurged Duncan to, “Delete your account, adesso, you shameless, soulless ghoul.

I’m a pro-mask, pro-vaccine conservativeby personal choice because of my lung damage from Iraq, not by mandateand you literally SUCK at this thing called being a human being,” scrisse.

Have you noticed whenever you look in a mirror you see a worthless, anti-American douchebag?” Dan Gainor responded.

Actor Rich Sommer also weighed in, la scrittura “wow as in, “Oh, this is such a bizarre thing to tweet or even think in the first place, just absolutely bizarre.

On the day that President Biden met the caskets containing the fallen soldiers who were victims of suicide bombers, I can’t imagine a more inappropriate Tweet from former Education Secretary @arneduncan,” another user ha risposto. “There’s no comparison between non-masking, non-vaxxing & terrorismo. Shame.

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