Obama to offer 'personal testimonial' for Biden at first joint event of campaign

버락 오바마 will offer his one-time vice president, 조 바이든, ㅏ “평가 직원” 토요일 캠페인의 첫 번째 공동 이벤트에서, 오바마 보좌관이 CNN에, thrusting the former president into the role of character witness to the Democratic nominee just days before the election.

Obama and Biden will campaign together twice on Saturday, first at an event in Flint, 미시간, and later at an event in Detroit. The rallies represent the first time the duo has been on stage together with either one of them on a presidential ticket since 2012, the last time a Democratic nominee won the presidency.
The former President has been one of Biden’s most forceful defenders on the campaign trail, using a series of events this month to lay into President Donald Trump as ill-prepared for and uninterested in the presidency. Obama has also routinely touted Biden as the right man for the presidency at this moment of crisis, 언제 the coronavirus is continuing to spread and the economy is rattled.
Obama will give Biden apersonal testimonial to voters in the homestretch about Joe Biden’s ability to lead us out of this pandemicand to build America back even better,” said the Obama aide.
    The former President will also use the speech to tout down-ballot Democrats, such as Michigan Sen. Gary Peters, who is locked in a tight race against Republican John James.
    Obama’s most pointed critiques of Trump have focused on the coronavirus and that is expected to continue on Saturday in Michigan, where cases are spiking.
      What’s his closing argument? That people are too focused on Covid. He said this at one of his rallies. 코로나, 코로나, 코로나, he’s complaining,” Obama said in Florida this week. “He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage. If he had been focused on Covid from the beginning, cases wouldn’t be reaching new record highs across the country this week.
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