O’Brien: Trump put an end to Obama-Biden ‘leading from behind foreign policytoward China

O'Brien: Trump put an end to Obama-Biden 'leading from behind foreign policy' toward China

Presidente Trump successfully ended Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s foreign policy ofleading from behind,” especially when it comes to American interests in Asia, Sicurezza nazionale Adviser Robert O’Brien toldLa storia” giovedi.

O’Brien told host Martha MacCallum that under the president’s predecessor, America hadturned a blind eye to Chinese unfair trade practices.

It turned a blind eye to Chinese intellectual property theft of all of our great innovations,” O’Brien added. “It turned a great blind eye to China hollowing out the American Midwest and our manufacturing capability.

The adviser referred to Trump as thefirst president in my adult lifetimeto recognize the threat from Beijing, and respond with tariffs and consequences for intellectual property theft.


O’Brien said Trump has adopted Ronald Reagan’speace through strengthmodel of building up the military during a period of noninterventionism, letting the world to see the military capacity of the United States as a warning.

All I can do is look at what we faced when Trump came into office and what President Trump has done,” Egli ha detto, “and it’s been pretty spectacular what the president has done with respect to China.

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