Ohio congressional candidate aims to end stigma on racism: Blacks ‘are not victims’

Caucasians are not villains and they’re not oppressors and brown-skinned people are not victims and we’re not oppressed,” sy het gese. “

Edmonds, former president of the NAACP in Columbus, expressed in her official political ad that it’s time tostop judging every White person as a villainand pushed that Americans must come together asone nation under God” weereens.


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland by her grandmother, Edmonds said she learned the power of perseverance and hard work. And under Republican leadership at the NAACP, she realized her values aligned with the platform of the right.

She taught me the principles and values and ethics of hard work and perseverance and faith in God and taking advantage of opportunities when they come and not allowing barriers to be excuses,” sy het gese. “So, ja, I can say that brown-skinned people are not victims because we’re not.

I make no excuses for having a biblical world view and I absolutely believe that this country was… endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights,” sy het aangegaan. “Among them are life, vryheid, and the pursuit of happiness.

Edmonds described the left’s “aanval” on America’s founding asterribleand encouraged people to speak out against it.

We have to defend this great nation.

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