Ohio mixes up Wright Brothers' commemorative license plate

지금, let’s play a game of spot the difference!

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles was forced to announce a new license plate to commemorate the Wright Brothers on Thursday after getting the design mixed up.
The OBMV tweeted the announcement Thursday morning launching the license plate in honor of Dayton’s Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of the credited first flight by a manned aircraft.
      Take a look at this tweet and see if you can spot the difference.
        Do you see it? The banner is trailing from the wrong end of the historic plane.
          그래서, later in the afternoon the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles put out this tweet, acknowledging the mistake.
          We are aware that the plane on the new Ohio license plate unveiled this morning was oriented in the wrong direction. We regret this mistake and have fixed the image. This is the correct design that will be reflected on all new plates issued to Ohio drivers.
          물론이야, the correction did not escape the North Carolina Department of Transportation, which had a little fun at their expense.
            Y’all leave Ohio alone. They wouldn’t know. They weren’t there. #FirstInFlight,” the account tweeted.
            Kitty Hawk, 노스 캐롤라이나, as we know, is where the Wright Brothers took off for their first historic flight on December 17, 1903.

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