Il dirigente della compagnia petrolifera afferma che Biden vuole "la fine del nostro settore",’ commento del dibattito 'lo ha reso molto chiaro’

Oil company executive claims Biden seeks 'end of our industry,' debate comment 'made that very clear'

Candidato presidenziale democratico Joe Biden showed he wasvery disconnected from the real worldwhen the Democrat said during Thursday night’s debate he would “transizione” the American economy away from oil and gas, Double Eagle Energy Holdings CEO Cody Campbell toldLa storia” Venerdì.

I was disappointedI wasn’t surprised by it,” Campbell told host Martha MacCallum. “What he said last night was consistent with the platform he’s carried from the beginning. He has flipped and flopped a lot.

Campbell went on to suggest that Biden has been speaking out of both sides of his mouth on the issue as a way totrick” elettori.

But really he is after the end of our industry,” Campbell went on. “He wants to put an end to our industry and what he said last night made that very clear.


Più avanti nell'intervista, MacCallum played a clip of George H.W. Bush biographer Jon Meacham saying on MSNBC that Trumpis a product of the anguished nervous White guy’s lizard brain.

I think Trump did himself good with his base tonight,” Meacham said in analyzing the debate. “The question for America is how big that base is.

Campbell remarked that Meacham’s comments don’t mean much to him.

I think about taking care of our employees and their families,” Egli ha detto. “If that means that I have a lizard brain, then I guess you can chalk me up as an iguana because that’s what I am.

I think a lot of people in this country feel the same way that I do.

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