Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings says she didn't wear mask to store in 'exercise of being brave'

Three-time Olympic volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings took to social media to take a stand against wearing masks.

Jennings, who is one of the most dominant volleyball players to ever compete, Instagram에 게시 that she went grocery shopping without a mask and called ita little exercise in being brave.
Jennings has recently announced that she is leaving her home in Californiathe state now leading the country with at least 741,726 코로나 19 사례. California has a statewide face mask mandate, which has been in effect since June 18.
I went shopping without a mask on & this is why,” Jennings wrote on Instagram. “I read a quote the other day that shook me – – THIS HAS NOT BEEN ENFORCED, IT’S BEEN CONSENTED TO.
    Jennings said that statementwoke me up,” and that she wanted to stand up for her rights and freedoms without being reckless or putting others in danger.
    A representative for Jennings did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN.
    그만큼 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that face coverings are meant to protect other people in case that person is infected, unknowingly or not. And White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator 박사. Deborah Birx said, “We know now there’s scientific evidence that masks both keep you from infecting others but may also partially protect you from getting infected.
    My intention is never to hurt or disrespect,” Jennings wrote. “Please know that. I am working my way through these curious times that have me questioning everything. I am wanting to lead & stand for my beliefs without upsetting people but, per usual when one takes a stand, this is unlikely.
    Jennings faced backlash online, with one user responding to her post: “I’m a nurse and all healthcare workers are reusing PPE and we don’t have routine access to testing. We put ourselves at risk daily to care for patients the least that everyone else can do is social distance and wear a mask in public.
    Another user wrote, “This is incredibly selfish and ignorant.
    To those I’ve upset so deeply, 미안 해요,” Jennings wrote in a follow up post.
      To those who are open to hearing where I am coming from, I appreciate your openness and civility. To those in agreement, I appreciate you expressing your views. To those calling me dumb, selfish, privileged, bigoted, and racist and telling me thatyou are better than this,” I fully acknowledge that addressing such an emotional, layered, nuanced and polarizing topic on social media was not the smartest thing.
      There are at least 6,306,412 coronavirus cases in the United States, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. There are concerns that the country will see a surge in cases following Labor Day weekend celebrations, similar to the surges the country experienced following Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

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