Olympian Lindsey Vonn’s dogs motivate her in the gym

Olympian Lindsey Vonn's dogs motivate her in the gym

Lindsey Vonn loves hitting the gym even in retirement and her dogs inspire her to work harder every day.

The Olympian is hosting the new Amazon seriesThe Packon which 12 teams made up of owners and their canine companions compete in series of challenges in the hopes of winning the $ 500,000 prize and $ 250,000 for an animal charity.

Vonn, along with her dog Lucy, spoke to Fox News about working on the show an how it allowed her to have unique adventures.

We got to rappel down a waterfall,” lei disse. “We got to zip line.

The gold medal-winning skier said she signed on to participate because it was different from her sport.


That’s what I like most, sai, è questo [la serie] had nothing to do with skiing and it just had to do with relationships and companionship and our dogs,” Vonn explained.

Infatti, Lucy and her other two dogs, Bear and Leo, are with her most days whether it’s on a mountain or in the gym.

Lindsey Vonn says her dogs are always with her, even in the gym. (Photo by Martin Rauscher/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

Lindsey Vonn says her dogs are always with her, even in the gym. (Photo by Martin Rauscher/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

I always have her in the gym and I’m like, ‘Lucy, was it a good job?’ And she’s just like, 'Hmm?’ looking at me funny,” Vonn said. “Bear and Leo they’re always chasing stuff. So it’s really hard to keep them contained, but it’s just nice to have them in the gym. Sai, onestamente, wherever I am, I want my dogs to be by my side.

Recentemente, two of her pups were injured after chasing a porcupine.


“Così…my boys got into some trouble over the weekend. They ran out of the house and chased after a porcupineas boys do,” Vonn captioned a series of photos.

The snaps she uploaded to the social media app show her two dogs covered in porcupine quills in and around their noses and mouths. In una foto, a person can be seen using a tool to pluck them out.

Fortunately for Vonn, a trip to the vet was all her dogs needed.

Incredibly thankful that they are ok. I greatly appreciate my family and friends for helping them make it home safe and the love and care that they got from White Pine Vet. You guys are the best!” she concluded the post.

The Packis currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

Fox News’ Melissa Roberto ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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