Medaglia olimpica di nuoto accusata di aver gestito un presunto sindacato di droga australiano

L'ex star del nuoto australiano Scott Miller è stato arrestato con l'accusa di droga in un raid all'alba a casa sua martedì, with Sydney police alleging the Olympic medalist heads a gang supplying methamphetamine across New South Wales state, L'affiliata della CNN Nine News ha riferito.

A police statement on the arrests, which did not name Miller, 45, said detectives charged two men as part of ongoing investigations into the supply of more than 2 million Australian dollars (di $ 1.56 milioni) worth of meth concealed in candles.
For all intents and purposes, they looked like regular candles but they weren’t laced with fragrance, they were laced with death and misery,” said Detective John Watson, according to Nine News.
Miller’s arrest is part of a larger investigation. All'inizio di quest'anno, New South Wales authorities began looking into a criminal syndicate involved in the supply of illegal drugs, mostly meth, across the state, according to the police statement.
    During the bust at Miller’s home in Sydney’s Rozelle neighborhood, police officers seized one kilogram (di 2.2 libbre) of heroin with a street value of $ 250,000 Australian dollars (di $ 195,000), diceva la dichiarazione. They also sized cell phones, documenti, smaller amounts of drugs, and the equivalent of nearly $ 60,000 in contanti, which will all be taken for forensic examination.
    Mugnaio, identified in the statement only asthe Rozelle man,” was charged with supplying prohibited drugs and directing the criminal group.
    He is calling the shots, he is the head of that syndicate and others are working under his instructions,” Watson said.
    Police said further charges are expected to be laid.
      Mugnaio, a Sydney native, began competing internationally in 1994, and won a silver and bronze medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics.
      CNN has reached out to Miller’s lawyer for comment.

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