Olympic triathletes react to bizarre boat incident in event's first leg

花畑, ノルウェー, イベントに勝ったが、厳しいトライアスロンの開始時にテレビカメラのボートが水泳選手の道にスピンインする前ではなかった.

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I saw the boat like going past the pontoon, and I was like surprised that I had this start so quickly, and I saw on my left side that there was the camera boat in front of midgroup,” 彼は言った. “So when I swam the first 50 meters I was aware that this couldn’t be right. I looked at (それ) as a positive thing, as I hadn’t been swimming for 30 分. It was good practice.

New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde finished with the bronze medal but took issue that his good start to the race was nixed.


When I jumped in, it was at full gas and I was like, ‘Oh man, I’ve had an absolute blinder of a start,’ and then realized half the field wasn’t even in the waterI was pretty gutted,” Wilde said. “But it was actually quite good. If you take it in a positive way, we’d been waiting around the start for 25 に 30 分. So for me it was great to get 50 meters at full gas and warm the arms up a little bit.

約 56 athletes jumped into Tokyo Bay to start the first leg of the swim. The boat incident led to jet skis tracking down the swimmers who were uninterrupted, による ロイター.

Ten minutes later, the race was finally underway.

It was Blummenfelt’s first Olympic gold medal.

He had three gold medals in the Ironman 70.3 Middle East Championship from 2017 に 2019. He also had one gold coming into the event from the ITU World Triathlon Series.