One of a kind Ford Shelby Cobra Concept sold for $  2,640,000

A one of a kind Ford Shelby Cobra Concept car was sold at 경매’ Monterey event on Saturday night for $ 2,640,000, blowing past its pre-sale estimate of $ 1.5-$ 2 백만.


The V10-powered reboot of the 1960s Shelby Cobra was built in 2004 for the auto show circuit and was destined to go on sale a few years later but the economic downturn scuttled the program before it could come to fruition and the car was stored away until 2017 when the automaker auctioned it to raise money for the restoration of Henry Ford’s Fair Lane estate.


The winning $ 825,000 bid was placed by Chris Theodore, who was Ford’s vice president of product development when it was originally developed. The car had been disabled by 포드 for legal reasons, but Theodore restored it to running condition and got it titled for the street in the ensuing years.

He recently told The Fox Garage he’d taken out two mortgages to buy the car, but that he was also selling it because owning the unique piece of history isa lot of responsibility.

The identity of the buyer has not yet been made public.

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