One of Texas' most wanted criminals has been missing for more than a week. Here's what we know

A convicted murderer who was being transported in a Texas prison bus last Thursday allegedly cut through metal, attacked an officer and ran into woods nearby.

He has not been seen sinceprompting what officials say is one of the largest search efforts for an escaped inmate in the state’s history.
Gonzalo Lopez, 46, has been convicted of capital murder, attempted capital murder and aggravated kidnapping, Volgens die Texas Department of Public Safety.
      He was added to the state’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List, with authorities offering up to $ 50,000 for information that leads to his capture.
        Here’s what we know about Lopez and his escape.

          He was serving two life sentences

          Convicted in Texas of two counts of aggravated assault in 1996, Lopez received two eight-year sentences, according to the state’s public safety department. In 2006, he was convicted of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping and sentenced to life in prison, het die departement gesê.
          Die volgende jaar, he was handed a second life sentence for an attempted capital murder conviction, volgens die departement.
          He’s got a life sentence for a capital murder, where he killed a man with a pickaxe and he’s also gotten an attempted capital murder conviction for shooting a gun at a police officer,” Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesperson Robert Hurst said at a Friday news conference. “He’s somebody who is very dangerous.
          Lopez also had several other offenses on his record dating back to at least 1994, Volgens TDCJ records.
          He is affiliated with the Mexican Mafia and has ties to the Rio Grande Valley areaincluding Weslaco and Mercedesand San Antonio, the state’s public safety department gesê.
          Authorities are offering a reward of up to $  50,000 for information that leads to the inmate's arrest.

          How he escaped

          The inmate escaped last Thursday afternoon, as he was being transported from a facility in Gatesville to another unit in Huntsville for a medical appointment, authorities said in a Wednesday statement.
          Huntsville is around 70 miles north of Houston.
          Due to his criminal history and restrictive housing status, inmate Lopez was being transported in a separate, caged area of the bus, designated for high-risk inmates,” lui die verklaring.
          But as he was being transported, Lopez broke out of his restraints, cut through the metal and crawled out of the bottom of the cage, the state’s criminal justice department said. He then attacked the driver, forcing the bus to a stop, volgens die departement.
          In a previous briefing, Hurt said Lopez “gesteek” the officer who was driving withsome sort of object,” and the officer struggled withbut ultimately preventedLopez from grabbing his service weapon. The other inmates were still in their restraints, Hurst said.
          The driver and the inmate got out of the bus, and a second officer, who was at the back of the vehicle, got out and began approaching Lopez, lui die verklaring. The inmate went back into the bus and attempted to drive away but the officers shot at the tires and stopped the vehicle, owerhede gesê.
          Lopez left the bus and ran into the woods off of Highway 7 in Leon County, volgens owerhede.
          One of the officers fired at the fleeing inmate but authorities are not aware if Lopez was hit, Hurst previously said.
          Last we saw him he was fleeing across the cow pasture west of Centerville,” Hurst said. Centerville is about 50 miles from Huntsville.

          One of the largest inmate search efforts in state history

          Op Dinsdag, Hurst told reporters that authorities were getting closer to catching Lopez and were hoping to have him in custody soon.
          We’ve gotten some information, may bring us a little bit closer to closing in on him and hopefully getting him back in our custody,” hy het gesê.
          Hurst said the search wasvery concentrated” en dit genoem “one of the largest search efforts for an escaped inmate in Texas Department of Criminal Justice history.
          The FBI and US Marshals are involved in the search, which includes almost 300 plaaslike, state and federal law enforcement personnel, Hurst previously said.
          Authorities are conducting the manhunt on foot with canine patrols, horseback and with the help of helicopters, amptenare gesê, and urged travelers not to pick up hitchhikers.
          No prison clothes have been found, so authorities believe Lopez could still be in them, Hurst said, though it was still possible he could have changed his clothes.
            There is an ongoing investigation into the escape and whether the inmate may have had assistance, hy het bygevoeg.
            Lopez is about 6 voet lank, 185 pounds and has tattoos on his back, chest and abdomen, owerhede gesê.




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