Ongoing siege following car explosion at hotel gate in Somalia's capital

Mogadishu, Somalia Somalia security forces are fighting armed gunmen to end a siege at a hotel in the east African country’s capital Mogadishu on Sunday, volgens die polisie.

A car bomb exploded at the gate of Afrik hotel and was followed by gunfire heard inside, Somali police captain, Ahmed Hassan, aan CNN gesê. Die voorval het omstreeks 5 nm. plaaslike tyd (9 am. EN), Hassan added.
Gunmen from the al Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabaab gained access to the building after the car bomb explosion at the gate, hy het gesê.
    There is an ongoing operation to rescue people from inside the hotel, volgens die polisie. It is unclear at the moment whether there are casualties.
    The reason for the attack is also unclear but Hassan said a top military commander was inside the hotel at the time of the attack. Other senior military officials and lawmakers were also inside the hotel, Hassan said.
    The hotel is frequented by Members of Parliament, politici, and security officials, but not foreigners.
    People flee as gunshots are heard on a street near the Afrik hotel in Mogadishu

    Outside the hotel is the main security checkpoint to the airport and Halane base, which houses western missions, including the US embassy.
    Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack through a statement broadcast by Andalus Radio, its mouthpiece channel. CNN has been unable to independently verify this claim.
    The Islamist insurgent group, Volgens die Council on Foreign Relations, wants to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state.
    It claimed responsibility for a a truck bombing outside Mogadishu in December which killed 85 including two Turkish citizens.
    Nog een terror attack at a hotel in Kismayo in Somalia’s Jubaland state in July left more than 26 people dead including journalists and local government officials.
    The militant group also said it was behind a triple car bombing near a hotel in Mogadishu in which at least 52 mense is vermoor en 100 injured in November 2018.
    US forces that had been based in Somalia began their withdrawal from the country in December and were redirected to other bases in East Africa.
    US troops in Somalia primarily train and advise local Somali forces as they battle Al-Shabaab. The US military also carries out airstrikes against the group and the local ISIS affiliate in the country, killing a top Al-Shabaab leader in a targeted strike in September.
      Former US President Donald Trump ordered the majority of US troops to leave Somaliaby early 2021,in just one of the major military policy decisions taken in the final days of his administration.
      Omar Nor reported from Mogadishu and Radina Gigova wrote from Atlanta, Georgië.




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