COVIDワクチンの義務に反対するために停止されたオレゴンの兵士はIngrahamに伝えます: 「私は何も悪いことをしていません」

コウイング, 彼の弁護士ダンテネルと一緒に, 独占的に参加 “イングラハムアングル” 木曜日、訴訟の詳細について話し合い、オレゴン州が州の労働者を道徳的に制限していることへの不満を表明する.

I don’t think that I should have to fight for my job when I haven’t done anything wrong,” the trooper said. “We’ve done just fine so far with the way things have gone and it’s just the law of progression – it’s progressed farther and farther and farther and it needs to stop at some point.


The governor’s mandate will require all state workers to be 予防接種を受けた or else face termination. A coalition of 警察 and firefighters have already assembled a lawsuit against Brown.

Thenell explained that Kowing’s case will have unique arguments involving both statutory and constitutional Oregon law and predicted it could cause replication in litigation nationwide.

This is not a lawsuit about the vaccine,” 彼は言った. “It’s about telling someone you’re going to get this vaccine or you’re going to lose your job. My hope is that this is replicated… It will be replicated next week by two other groups I represent

The attorney also shared his hope that Gov. Brown will be compliant in finding alternatives to herdrasticorders.

Many of these people will not just lose their job, they will lose their career,” 彼は言った. “And I really hope the governor and her people will sit down with us… There are thousands of Oregon workers who I believe will walk off the job over this.

Oregon state police superintendent Terri Davie told Fox News in a statement that she understands not all employees will agree with every decision, yet expects them tofollow rules, policies and laws.

There are things that I’ve had to do that I didn’t 100% agree with but when it comes to moral grounds and the rights of our people, that’s where we have to draw the line,” Kowing reacted.

We all swore the same oath,” 彼は言った. “We are here to protect the people’s rights and it seems some may have forgotten that.