Orlando Bloom thinks baby with Katy Perry is his 'mini-me'

Orlando Bloom only has eyes for his baby girl.

The actor and Katy Perry dio la bienvenida a su primer hijo juntos, Daisy Dove, in August and now Bloom is weighing in on just who he thinks their little one looks like.
It was funny because when she first came out I was like, 'Oh, it’s me! It’s a mini-me. Y entonces, fortunately, she got those Katy blues, which was perfect,” he told Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday.
He went on to say, “But then she sort of looks like my mom. Asi que, then I got a little confused because Katy’s breastfeeding this mini-me slash my momwho’s she gonna look like next?”
    Ellen joked, “Maybe me.
      Bloom also has a son with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.
      One thing the parents aren’t lacking is sleep, Bloom told DeGeneres that Daisy Dove is already sleeping through the night.




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