Ortagus: Biden, Obama believed China's rise, American decline was 'inevitable'

MORGAN ORTAGUS: It would be admitting that he had a strategic miscalculation when it comes to China. Really up until five years ago, we were still talking about the war on terrorism, other things of significant importance on the international stage. But until President Trump really started hammering on the threat of the Chinese Communist Party, most of the world, most of the United States, both political parties were pretty asleep to that threat. So you saw in eight years under President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden, [a policy] that was very dovish towards China. 

Their policy was to pivot towards Asia and acquiesce to the fact that China was inevitably going to rise and the United States was inevitably going to decline. We rejected that theory when we came into office. We said we don’t believe that we have to kiss up to China. We don’t believe that they’re going to inevitably rise to take over the world and that we’re just going to quietly decline. 

So we rejected that premise, so when you admit that you’re old friends, when you admit that I got China wrong and Trump got China right.


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