Oscar Mayer hiring team to drive its Wienermobile across the US

Frankly, this could very well be someone’s dream job.

Kraft Heinz is looking to hire a new team of Hotdoggers (예, that’s what the job posting 말한다) to drive its famous hot dog-shaped Wienermobile across the country for a year.
An ideal Hotdogger is anoutgoing, creative, friendly, exuberant, college graduate who has an appetite for adventure and is willing to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for one year,” the job description reads.
Students line up to tour an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on January 23, 2002, at Oscar Mayer Elementary School in Chicago.

Hotdoggers will hit the open road in the 27-foot orange and yellow vehicle, stopping at more than 200 events, according to the job posting.
They’ll also appear on local television and radio and do newspaper interviews, and they will create content for social media.
They will sleep in hotels or short-term corporate housing across the country.
3 월 2020, all Wienermobile events were 취소 된 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Despite the hiatus, the Wienermobile garnered attention in September, when a Hotdogger who goes by the nameZach n’ 치즈” proposed to his girlfriend at Yellowstone National Park next to the famous hot dog bus.
10 월, the Wienermobile set out again.
CNN has reached out to Kraft Heinz to ask about Covid-19 safety protocols for Hotdoggers.
This Oscar Mayer Weinermobile drove around in the 1950s.

The Wienermobile has evolved since the first one was created in 1936 by Carl Mayer, 회사에 따르면.
그만큼 1969 model featured Ford Thunderbird taillights and a Chevy motor home frame and averaged 187 “smilesper gallon, according to Oscar Mayer.
에 2017, the company unveiled an entire Wienerfleet, including a hot dog-shaped drone.
요즘, six Wienermobiles are driving across the United States at any given time, according to Oscar Mayer.
The iconic Wienermobile is seen in all its glory.

Interested candidates should get their buns online and apply by January 31 to be considered.

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