Otherwise normal house for sale hides nightmarish surprise: An entire abandoned jail

A house for sale in Vermont has everything a new homeowner could want: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice backyard and … prison cells.

The 2,190-square-foot home, located in Guildhall, Vermont, used to be the Essex County Jail, according to the listing on Realtor.com, and formerly served as the jailer’s residence.
The outside of the house, formerly where the jailer lived.

And though the county jail hasn’t been in use since 1969, it’s still got all the quirks — complete with barred windows and rusty toilets.
A lovely ambiance.

For $  149,000, this could be yours.

“Bring your own ideas on what this 28′ x 40′ wing could be!” the listing encourages.
    The house, which has been listed on the website for more than two months, is currently priced at $ 149,000.
    Whether the investment is a DIY-er’s dream or nightmare remains to be seen.

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