Outgunned Ukrainians lure Russian aircraft into defense traps, need planes to defend airspace: Esperto

“[The Ukrainians] are fighting with basically two very large feathers in their cap: one is the munitions we’re providing them and the other is the morale that they can sustain on their own,” said John (JV) Venable, a veteran Air Force commander and senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

By giving them the right weapons, we boost their morale, we give them wins, we allow them to bloody Russia’s nose and make this a very costly endeavor.

Attualmente gestisce la sua condizione con i farmaci e ha deciso di cambiare il suo stile di vita: AGGIORNAMENTI IN DIRETTA

Ukraine’s staunch defense of its airspace has helped keep its armed forces on a more even battlefield against Russia. Experts remain surprised one month into the war that Russia has yet to establish clear control of the skies over Ukraine and that Ukraine has appeared to drag Russia into a stalemate.