Outraged Martha MacCallum fires back at Chelsea Handler for decrying due process in Derek Chauvin trial

MacCallum, in a guest appearance on “El cinco,” lauded the jury’s guilty verdict and celebrated the due process afforded to the former police officer throughout the weekslong trial.

Chauvin got the best of what the United States justice system provides,” MacCallum said.


What has been proven today with this verdict is that even somebody like Derek Chauvin, who had nobody sticking up for him and who was so difficult to watch as he ground his knee into this man’s neck, gets a trial, he has due process, he has the opportunity to have an attorney on his side who speaks on his behalf.

“La historia” host grew visibly outraged as she recalled a tweet from liberal stand-up comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler, quién cuestionado last month whether a trial was necessary to reach a verdict in light of the widely circulated video in which Chauvin is seen holding his knee against Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes during the May 25 arrestar.

So pathetic that there is a trial to prove that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd when there is video of him doing so,” Handler wrote on Twitter at the time.

MacCallum quoted Handler’s tweet on air before firing back, “I hope Chelsea Handler, that if you ever find yourself in a situation, that you get the due process, that even Derek Chauvin, who people despised, got in this country in the United States of America.

We can never go to a place where we say skip the trial, we saw the video, and that is what everyone in this country should feel very good about today,” MacCallum continued.

We saw due process. We saw 12 Americans who sat there and did very tough duty to sit through this trial, and no doubt they were scaredbut I think those are the big lessons that we take away.

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