Outraged North Carolina parent calls out 'racist' banner taunting football team's White privilege

Butler High School cheerleaders held up the sign, che legge “Sniff, sniff. You smell that? Privilege,” surrounded by dollar signs, as the football players ran through it and onto the field.

The wordprivileged,” tuttavia, was written in white text, which Swanson believes has a deeper meaning.

I know a lot of parents didn’t catch on really quickly what the privilege meantthat it was written in white. But just based on my own son and what I deal with on a daily basis and what I try to teach him, I picked up on ‘White privilege’ right away,” ha detto “Volpe & Amici.”


Swanson, a single mother of a biracial son, doesn’t consider herself privileged and considers the sign racist.

I hate to use that word, ma si,” she told Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt. “It was definitely geared towards the White, ricco, privileged folks that they think are the only people at the Catholic school.

Swanson said she is disappointed with the school, which she believes was aware of the sign before it was displayed at the game.

The parents, gli allenatori, the school administrationthey all allowed this to happen,” lei disse. “That’s where the problem lies.

The Butler High School cheerleaders have since sent an apology to their counterparts at Charlotte Catholic High School, and the school district released a statement saying the squad members and adults responsible for oversight will be held accountable and face consequences. There is also a meeting planned between the schools’ cheer squads tofacilitate goodwill and understanding.

Swanson was happy with the resolution and said she didn’t want to see any of the students suspended. Piuttosto, she wants parents and school officials to address what happened.

“Ad un certo punto, we’re going to have to come together, and we’re going to have to get over this,” lei disse.

When the children are allowed to do this, and the parents and the adults aren’t stopping it, it’s only going to continue.

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