Owner of NYC’s oldest restaurant slams Cuomo’s coronavirus indoor dining ban, says business may not survive

Owner of NYC's oldest restaurant slams Cuomo’s coronavirus indoor dining ban, says business may not survive

A New York City restaurant owner said 정부. Andrew Cuomo’s latest coronavirus restrictions could be the final nail in the coffin for his business.

Cuomo recently warned state residents should prepare themselves for the possibility of another shutdown if coronavirus cases continue to surge during the holidays.


Fraunces Tavern proprietor Eddie Travers told “여우 & 친구” Wednesday he istrying to fight againstthe indoor dining ban to keep his business afloat. Travers goes on to say he doesn’t want to lay off his staff before the Christmas holiday.

The colonial American tavern has been operating since 1762 during the time of the American Revolution and even hosted historical figures like George Washington and Continental Army officers. Fraunces Tavern is Manhattan’s oldest restaurant.

Travers explained he was only able to survive the past nine months during the pandemic with the assistance of the Payment Protection Program funds.

The PPP was a great help for us. It gave us the opportunity to stay open and keep our employees employed and keep them off unemployment. That was really the beauty of it, but now that the weather has got cold, we might have a dozen people inside the whole day. It’s not going to cut it,” Travers said.

The Fraunces Tavern proprietor argued against Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions, saying the governorreleased his data on infections and it was 1.7% for indoor dining, 74% at home.

“알 잖아, logically thinking, if restaurants are closed and people don’t have a place to socialize, they are going to socialize at home, and it’s going to spike it even further.

Travers said indoor dining is “안전한” with proper air ventilation and social distancing.

The tavern is selling merchandise and gift baskets to help with the financial burden on its business.

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