Ozzie Guillen calls out Josh Donaldson, kind of, we think

Primo, Donaldson hit a homer off White Sox ace Lucas Giolito and then proceeded to make a gesture to the mound while the right-hander had his back turned. Here was Giolito’s response post-game when he found out:


So now that we understand the bad blood, Ozzie Guillen decided to weigh in on the White Sox post game show:

I respect him as a player,” Guillen said. “A better player than me, better hitter that’s it. Ancora 600 hits to catch me hitting in the big leagues. “You’re lucky I’m not the manager. If I was the manager you would get hit [by a pitch].


But Guillen wasn’t done. He went on to say Donaldson has a future in another sport, though we’re not quite sure why that would be an insult.

You were a better player than me, but you’ll never have (flashes three championship rings). You should be ashamed of yourself that Twins paid you all that money to win and they get worse and worse with you. You know what you’re next career will be? La WWE,” the former White Sox World Series champion concluded.

Most of us know baseball games are not won by a singular player, a fact that Guillen is purposely ignoring so he can force Donaldson to stand down. It’s probably not going to work since thebringer of rainhas an unlimited bag of chips on his shoulder. No amount of trash talk will make the former MVP stand down. NOTHING.

What this is all about

Donaldson’s remarks a few weeks back led to a ban instickysubstances and created a sharp drop in spin rates across the sport. The Twins third baseman has since popped off to Giolito and decided to poke fun of the pitcher’s decline in spin, specifically after taking him deep. That behavior ruffled the feathers of Giolito, who insists on a face-to-face conflict, and it didn’t sit well with Guillen, o.

Ozzie Guillen is simply defending one of his own. Since he’s a former White Sox manger, this is a good look and probably bodes well with the White Sox fan base. It is interesting, tuttavia, that Tony La Russa hasn’t followed the same logic as Guillen. Why hasn’t he? Just six weeks ago, he was in support of his own player getting hit by a pitch for swinging 3-0 su 17 corre. So now he’s suddenly new school and allows hitters to pop off to his players whenever they’d like? Perhaps people really do change.

There still haven’t been any fireworks as we currently sit in the fifth inning of White Sox-Twins, so maybe we’ll have to wait until Giolito’s next start against Minnesota for a resolution. Seems likely at this point.

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