Pandemic shows 'just how much power' teachers unions have: Jason Riley

The problem is that it is business as usual,” ライリーは言った, commenting on the CDC adopting two of the guidelines recommended by the nation’s second-largest teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers, nearly word for word.

The problem is that the バイデン政権 is taking dictation from the teachers unions, as Democrats have long done. That is the problem here, they’re not following the science, they’re following orders from labor leaders that give a lot of money to Democratic politicians and Democratic leaders,” Riley continues.


The panel also discussed the cozy relationship between Democrats and teachers unions, suggesting it was coming at a cost to American students.

Wall Street Journal editorial page deputy editor Dan Henninger saidthe story here is the closeness between the Democratic Party and the teachers unions and the teachers union contributions.

Wall Street Journal columnist キンバリー・ストラッセル also noted that despite Biden’s claims, most students are not back in schools.

The Department of Education put out a survey this week…and it shows that only 54% under high school…are back full time in the classroom,” Strassel said.

Strassel also noted that the numbers can be misleading, noting that in California, のみ 5% of fourth-graders are back in the classroom.

Riley concluded that the experience through the pandemic has shown that the interests of teachers unions are not in line with the interests of students.

Teachers unions have long pretended that their interests are perfectly aligned with those of the children,” ライリーは言った. “I think their behavior during this pandemic, their resistance to go back to work, and the harm we know it has caused children…shows that their interests are not aligned with those of the children and families.