Panthers' Sam Darnold, Robby Anderson connect for 57-yard TD in revenge game vs. 喷气机

Darnold’s first touchdown pass as the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers came in the second quarter when he connected with Anderson for a 57-yard score in a 19-14 victory over rookie signal-caller Zach Wilson and the 纽约喷气机 在周日下午.

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Darnold and Anderson, who played for two seasons together in New York, connected for the touchdown when Anderson got behind two defenders and hauled in the perfect pass from Darnold.

The touchdown was Anderson’s lone catch of the game. Darnold completed 24 的 35 通过 279 yards with one touchdown pass. He also added a rushing score with 35 seconds to go in the first half.


All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey 有 98 yards on the ground to go along with a team-high nine receptions for 89 receiving yards.

In his NFL debut, Wilson completed 20 的 37 通过 258 码, with two touchdowns and an interception, and was sacked six times.

福克斯新闻’ Paulina Dedaj contributed to this report.