Parallels of the Ark: How Noah’s Journey Symbolizes Jesus

The Ark Encounter theme park opened in 2016 and features a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark, the giant ship that Noah built as recorded in the book of Genesis in the Bible. When my family and I pulled up to see and experience the Ark, looking at it for the first time literally took my breath away. It is hours of fun and adventure for the whole family. My boys were ages 6 과 10 when we visited, and they loved walking in and checking out all that is inside. It’s a masterpiece to behold – a delight for all the senses.

But beyond the adventure and amazement, I was very inspired by the biblical and theological insights to glean from the Ark. 예를 들면, there are many parallels between Noah and Jesus. Just as Noah and his family went through the one door of the ark to be saved from the flood, Jesus is the door to salvation for the Christian believer. When you visit the Ark, as you walk on the second deck, you will walk past one side featuring a giant door. And looking up, there is actually a cross illuminated on the door. Because of Noah and his three sons, the human race was saved. Likewise, Jesus death and resurrection grants us the gift of eternal life in Heaven.

Another interesting piece of information that my family and I gleaned from our trip to the Ark was that Noah was a carpenter. He built this gigantic boat himself! He was very skilled with wood and carpentry. Likewise, Jesus was trained as a carpenter from his earthly Father, 요셉. Walking around the ark, you will see many different displays of Noah’s carpentry and woodwork.

There are many more spiritual insights to observe and take in while you visit the Ark. And when it’s time for your kids to burn off some steam, the park features ziplines and plenty of animals to interact with at the Ararat Ridge Zoo. We took our first camel ride together as a family! You can also enjoy interactive moments with animals of many kinds, and presenters to guide your tour of the Ark. 을 더한, when it’s time to eat, you can dine at one of the largest restaurants in the country and the there is something for everyone.

오늘, millions of people and their children have an experience to help bring their Faith to life. This is such a gift as a believer, and one that has greatly impacted my family. When my boys hear the account of Noah in Sunday School, they excitedly raise their hand and share about their Ark Encounter journey with their class. I am so grateful this experience is available to all of us, and I encourage you to travel and see it for yourself – you will not be disappointed!

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