Padres de 303 Los niños migrantes separados en la frontera bajo Trump aún no han sido encontrados, la presentación de la corte dice

Washington Attorneys are still trying to reach the parents of 303 niños migrantes que fueron separados en la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México bajo la administración Trump, abajo de 337 en agosto, according to a federal court filing Wednesday.

The filing from the Justice Department and the American Civil Liberties Union is part of an effort to identify and reunite families three years after the so-called zero tolerance policy was created.
Since August, the parents of 34 of those children whose whereabouts had been previously unknown have been found, according to Wednesday’s filing.
    The Biden administration has committed to helping reunite families as part of a family reunification task force. Officials have said they’re combing through thousands of records to determine how many families remain separated. Since the creation of the task force, 50 children have been reunified with their parents in the United States, according to the filing.
      As part of the effort, the Department of Homeland Security has established a process for accepting parole requests, the Department of Health and Human Services is working on facilitating services to support families and the State Department is developing a streamlined system for processing in-country travel document requests. The Justice Department is involved in related settlement negotiation efforts.
        The Biden administration also launched a new website earlier this month to help reunite families who were separated at the US southern border under Trump.
        The o Juntos.govprovides a registration form for families seeking to reunite and information for attorneys, as well as who qualifies. DHS previously listed information on its own website.
            Immigrant advocacy groups have urged the administration to move faster to reunite families. But a senior DHS official previously told CNN that the administrationchose intentionally to start slow, so we can go fast later.
            We need to make sure that families have a place to go when they get here,” el funcionario dijo. “There’s a review of the cases and preparation for travel.

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