Partygoers leave NYC park littered in trash after chaotic Pride event

Video footage posted online shows Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village littered with trash, including inside a fountain. Many of the discarded items included plastic bottles and food containers. Crews appeared to be using leaf blowers in an effort to move the trash.


Fox News has reached out to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department but has not heard back.

The iconic park is one of the city’s most popular and is often the site of events and celebrations. During Sunday’s Pride event, clashes broke between partygoers and police. The gathering was one of several events held citywide the annual LGBTQ Pride parade was being held virtually for the second year in a row.

During the festivities, a food vendor was attacked near the park. Video footage shows several people surrounding a man wearing a yellow shirt and hitting him in the face and knocking him to the ground.

The New York Police Department told Fox News the vendor got into a dispute with someone over pricing. Three or four people then attacked him and threw items, the police said. The victim briefly lost consciousness and sustained a gash on his head and was taken to a hospital.

A video posted to Twitter said the man was attacked because he hurled an anti-gay slur.

Earlier in the evening, clashes broke out between revelers and police officers, who used pepper spray on the unruly crowd.