Patrick Dempsey overwhelmed by fans praise for his ‘Grey’s Anatomyreturn

Patrick Dempsey overwhelmed by fans praise for his 'Grey's Anatomy' return

Patrick Dempsey returned toGrey’s Anatomyto fanssurprise and elation.

The actor appeared on the ABC medical drama as neurosurgeon DerekMcDreamyShepherd from Seasons 1 ...을 통하여 11 before his character ultimately died.

There have long been rumors Shepherd would return but it wasn’t until the Season 17 premiere when it finally happened.

The response has been incredibly overwhelming and very moving,” Dempsey told Ellen DeGeneres onThe Ellen DeGeneres Showthis week.


The 54-year-old admitted it was Ellen Pompeo’s idea. She thought the show’s audience would appreciate the cameo amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What a great opportunity for people and how great it would be for the fans, really, to see everybody reunited in this sort of bizarre way,” 그는 말했다.

Dempsey admitted filming was a hard secret to keep and required lots of planning. In the show, Pompeo’s character Meredith Grey collapses and wakes up in a dream with Dempsey’s character on a beach.

Nobody knew about it other than ABC of course, some people at ABC, [showrunner] Krista [Vernoff] and then Ellen [Pompeo] and myself. And that was it,” he revealed. “And then we started talking to the directors, which would be Debbie Allen — who’s amazing — and Kevin McKidd, who’s one of the directors that I worked with. And that was it.


No one knew until I showed up on set that day,” Dempsey added. “And then we were really concerned that someone would take a picture and it would be out somehow, but we managed to keep it a secret, which was pretty phenomenal.

그만큼 “Sweet Home Alabamastar previously told 마감 시간 that he loved getting back into character.

Patrick Dempsey returned at Dr. Derek Shepherd on 'Grey's Anatomy.'

Patrick Dempsey returned at Dr. Derek Shepherd on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.(알파벳)

It was really exciting and fun, and it was great to see everybody. …,” 그는 말했다. “The dynamic behind the camera had changed. There’s much more diversity within the crew. There was a nice balance, 너무, of equality that I was seeing. 그래서, culturally, there were a lot of things that were different, that I thought were very positive and very inspiring, actually.

Pompeo and Dempsey were both tested for COVID before shooting.

Patrick and I have this chemistry where I think even from when we first met, for some reason it just felt like we’ve known each other for a hundred years, and it’s just the same feeling,” she told the outlet. “It’s like riding a bike, we just have a chemistry and a dynamic that’s always served us well, and I think we have a genuine affection for each other.

그 동안에, fans can rest assured that wasn’t the last time they’ll see Dempsey on screen. Vernoff told the Los Angeles Times last week that he’s going to be back for more.

FOX 뉴스 앱을 받으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

We will see more of [Derek] this season,” she teased. “This was not just a cameo. He will appear three more times.

Season 17 of ‘Grey’s Anatomyairs Thursdays on ABC at 9 오후. 과.

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