Patrick Mahomes is playing in Chiefs preseason games for this reason, Andy Reid라고

그만큼 Kansas City Cheifs head coach told reporters on Monday that allowing 패트릭 마 홈스 to play a good deal of the Chiefs’ second preseason game against the 애리조나 카디널스 was important for preparing the team for the real deal.


I think it’s good for Pat, but I also think it’s good for the offensive line and Pat to see how that’s going to work and get a feel for them, and for them to get a feel for him likewise,” 리드가 말했다, 통하다 CBS 스포츠. “We’ve got some young guys, so I left them in with Chad (Henne) so they could get a little bit more extended work there. We’ve got two veterans on the left side, but all five of them are new, so you need to play and this gives us that opportunity.

Mahomes played 33 snaps in Friday’s 17-10 victory over the Cardinals. He started and completed 10 의 18 통과하다 78 야드, no touchdowns and one interception. Despite not playing his best football, the former league MVP said hefelt goodabout his performance.

I thought we had some good drives, a few long drives where we got to run the ball, throw the ball, do all the different type of stuff.

더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. .

Reid said playing Mahomes in the preseason is also key for third-year receiver Mecole Hardman’s development.

It was great for he and Pat to communicate in a preseason game and just see how important that is, get it on tape and see what we’re talking about there,” 그는 말했다. “내말은, 듣다, he made some good plays, but he had a couple in there that weren’t so good. But he kept battling, which I thought was important. He’s playing fast and working hard.

Reid will likely start Mahomes in the third and final preseason game against the 미네소타 바이킹스 on Friday in preparation for Week 1. Mahomes has never lost as a starter in the month of September.

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