Patriots' Bill Belichick on Tom Brady playing until 50: 'If anybody can do it, it’s him'

ビル・ベリチックは、今週に至るまでの数日間、ブレイディ中心の質問の流入を避けて回避する可能性があります 4 マッチする. He did answer one Brady question in an interview Monday on WEEI’sGreg Hill Show.

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The coach was asked about Brady playing into his 50s after the Bucs quarterback made the assertion that he thinks he could play until then.

I’m sure Tom would know better than anybody, so if anybody can do it, それは彼です,” Belichick said.

Brady made the comment ahead of his five-touchdown performance against the アトランタファルコンズ 日曜日に.

He and teammate Rob Gronkowski answered the internet’s burning questions in a taped segment for the team. Both players were wearing reflective sunglasses and Brady was in a bucket hat.

Can Tom Brady play until 50 年?” Gronkowski read.

“ワオ, seems to be a really hot question lately,” Brady said. “’Can Tom Brady play till 50?’ Like, 50 年. I don’t find it so difficult, and plus living in Florida it’s kind of a retiree state. I feel like I can just play and glide into retirement. I think I can, I think it’s a yes.

Brady has always maintained he would play until his mid-40s, but those statements came when he was a member of the New England Patriots. He talked about the idea of playing until 50 earlier this year when Bucs general manager Jason Licht initially made the remark.

Brady responded to Licht’s comments in an interview with USAトゥデイ, saying his plan was always to play until 45.

Fifty? That’s a long time. Even for me, that’s a long time,” 彼は言った. “I’ve always said 45 was the age that I wanted to reach and that was my goal. This year I’ll be 44, so next year I’ll be 45. I got a two-year contract.

I’m going to be able to obviously play this year and God forbid anything happens but play next year and then see what happens after that. If I still want to keep playing, I might be able to do that. And if that’s enough, then that would be enough,” 彼が追加した.

A seventh Super Bowl ring and a freshly repaired MCL could have Brady thinking otherwise.

彼は言った タンパベイタイムズ before the season started he’s throwing the ball again like he’s 24.

Only Brady knows what the future holds for him.

Fox News’ Paulina Dedaj contributed to this report.