Patriots' Cam Newton 'certainly is the starter now', 코치 말한다

Both veteran 캠 뉴턴 and rookie Mac Jones have been impressive through two games of the preseason, which is why head coach Bill Belichick hasn’t announced who will be under center when the Patriots host the 마이애미 돌핀스. During a video conference call on Sunday, McDaniels was asked if he knows who will start and when the decision will be made.

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McDaniels said that he isn’treally worried about itbut added that Newton is the starting quarterback of the team right now.

I think that decision from Bill [Belichick] will be made when the time is right to make it,” McDaniels said via “Cam [뉴턴] certainly is the starter now, and he has done a good job. He has gone in there, he played well the other night. He’s practiced well. 그러나, I know those guys are really competing hard and we’re giving them an opportunity to compete and play a lot of football.

McDaniels said that he is focused on the offense’s improvement.

We need to be able to play consistently well. We need to communicate well. We need to make good decisions. We need to throw the ball accurately. We need to protect the football and not give it away,” McDaniels explained. “나에게, I look at those guys in the same light in regards to what we’re trying to accomplish. 궁극적으로, when any decision is made based on who is going to play more or less on our team, those decisions will be made when the time is right and we’re going to go forward and try and play the best we can.

McDaniels added that he’s been happy with the effort put forth by the quarterback position. He realizes that there’s still a long way to go, but he is pleased with the progress and improvement being made.

Everything isn’t perfect. We still have a long way to go and things we can work on and improve and make better, but I think the desire to do it, the way we want to do it to the standard that we’re trying to hold them to I think is right where we want it to be,” McDaniels said.

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