Patriots' Jalen Mills still can't believe he's playing for Bill Belichick: 'It's crazy to me'

Mills, 수비 백, was on the Eagles when they beat 톰 브래디, Bill Belichick and Patriots in Super Bowl LII. 게임을 시작한 지 불과 몇 년이 지났고 Mills는 이제 Belichick에서 뛰고 있습니다..

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And he still can’t believe it.

I think it was two days ago. We were in walk-through and going over certain defensive calls, and I was working a certain technique, and he was standing right next to me, and he kind of like started coaching me up … When I went to the sideline, it was kind of like the same thing, I was like … ‘Coach Bill is coaching me.’ It’s crazy to me,” Mills told reporters Thursday, 통하다 WEEI Radio.


But I think that’s a great feeling, 그러나. That’s me wanting to give him everything that I have. 하루의 끝에서, he didn’t have to do that. That’s his job, but he’s a head coach. That’s what he has assistants for. I definitely appreciate it.

Mills said he’s still learning the defense, and he’s unsure, as of now, where he will play in the secondary.

Mills played in 15 games for the Eagles in 2020. He had one interception and 74 총 태클. 에 63 career games, he recorded five interceptions and 283 총 태클.

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