Patriots' Mac Jones on brief conversation with Zach Wilson after victory over Jets: 'Just part of the game'

Jones said after the game he had a brief conversation with Wilson, extending some words of encouragement to the former No. 2 draft pick.


I think Zach’s a really good player, and as rookie quarterbacks – it’s what I told him after the game – we have to just continue to get better. It’s just part of the game. Our defense is really good, it’s a tough defense to go against. I’ve gone against them in practice and probably thrown a lot of picks too, so, it sucks.

Hy gaan voort: “Zach’s going to be a great player and he’s a really hard worker and he kept his head up and we just had some brief words there. I don’t know him that well personally, but he’s definitely going to continue to grow just like I will too.

Wilson knew going into Sunday’s game that playing against the Patriots would be a challenge


The team is different now, without Tom but Bill is still there and he’s one of the best around,” he told reporters on Thursday. “Their scheme, it’s tough. It’s going to be a challenge. They’re very disciplined, able to play man and put guys out there on an island and trust their players. They do a lot of different things. Over such a long time, teams usually screw up, but they’re so well-coached, they do a lot of things and do really well.

Wilson got to experience that firsthand. He was sacked four times and finished just 19-for-33 for 210 yards with no touchdowns and four interceptions.

Jones was happy with his first NFL victory but added that he still believes there’s room for improvement.

It’s what everyone is saying: It’s hard to win in the NFL. You’ve got to take it for what it’s worth. We’ll get better. Anyone who watched the game would agree that the offense can play better.

Jones, die Nee. 15 overall pick in the draft, went 22-for-30 for 186 yards with no touchdowns and three sacks.

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