Paul McCartney mette in mostra le sue abilità musicali in un nuovo album registrato durante la quarantena

Paul McCartney ha ufficialmente pubblicato un album che ha registrato durante il periodo in quarantena.

“McCartney III” is the former Beatle’s 18th solo album. L'album è stato rilasciato venerdì e presenta 11 nuove canzoni.
The 78-year-old McCartney plays all instruments and sings all the vocals, just like his two previous eponymous solo albums, 1970'S “McCartney” e “McCartney II,” rilasciato in 1980.
In addition to the album, McCartney released the first music video from the project for the songFind My Way.
    tuttavia, McCarthy’s old bandmate in the Beatles also has a quarantine record.
    Ringo Starr announced a five-song record chiamato “Ingrandire” that features contributions from McCartney, Dave Grohl e Finneas.
      Martedì, Starr, 80, released one song, “Here’s To The Nights,” which he wrote with songwriter Diane Warren.
      The full album by the former drummer of the Beatles will be released by Universal next year.

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