Paul Walker의 'Fast and Furious'Toyota Supra 경매

관습 1994 Supra driven by Paul Walker’s character in “분노의 질주” film is scheduled to cross the block at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas on June 19.

The orange targa-top was used as a hero car for close-ups and interior shots and featured in the film’s climactic drag race between Walker’s Brian O’Conner and Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto characters.

The Supra was built for the film by California’s The Shark Shop and features a custom body kit, high rear wing and the iconicNuclear Gladiator” 그래픽. Its styling was redesigned and the car assigned to another character in the “2 빠른 2 맹렬한” sequel film, but later returned to its original condition.


Barrett-Jackson doesn’t offer a pre-sale estimate for it, but a similarly-styled stunt car was sold in 2015 ...에 대한 $ 185,000 그리고 Hagerty Price Guide says a stock version in perfect condition is worth $ 134,000.

Toyota discontinued the Supra in the U.S. 에 1998, but resurrected the name on a new model in 2020 due in part to a fanbase fueled by its appearance in the film, which spawned one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

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