Paul Walker's Toyota Supra in 'The Fast and the Furious' up for auction

A car driven by actor Paul Walker in the first installment of the “패스트 앤 퓨리어스” film franchise is up for auction in Las Vegas next month.

The orange 1994 Toyota Supra appeared in the 2001 필름 “분노의 질주” as well as 2003’s “2 빠른 2 맹렬한,” auction house Barrett-Jackson says in its online description of the car.
Barrett-Jackson saysextensive documentationand a certificate of authenticity show the car was used for multiple interior and exterior shots in the movies.
    The Supra is a factory model with a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine and a four-speed automatic transmission.
      The car was built by Eddie Paul at The Shark Shop in El Segundo, 그, for the first movie and brought back and modified by the original builder for its role as ‘Slap Jack’s Suprain the sequel,” according to the auction house. “The Supra would later be returned to original form, with the resplendent Lamborghini Diablo Candy Orange pearl paint and famed Troy Lee-designed ‘Nuclear Gladiatormotif along the side.
        The car will be up for sale with no reserve as part of Barrett-Thompson’s June 17-19 auction in Las Vegas.
        Actors Vin Diesel  and Paul Walker in a scene from 2001 영화 "The Fast and the Furious.&인용;

        그만큼 “패스트 앤 퓨리어스” franchise has generated billions of box office dollars with eight films released so far and a ninth installment due out next month.
            Walker starred in six of the first seven movies, appearing in the seventh posthumously after he was killed when the car he was a passenger in crashed in Southern California in November 2013. 그는 ~였다 40 살이에요.
            Investigators concluded that Porsche Carrera GT driven by Walker’s friend Roger Rodas was traveling at an unsafe speed for the road conditions. Rodas, 38, also died in the accident.

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