Pedro Gonzalez to Tucker Carlson: Republican Party must listen to people, ペドロ

ゴンザレスは共和党に、歴史を通じて右派がどのように変化したかを調査し、なぜますます多くの人々が左派に傾いているのかを疑問視するよう求めた。. He stressed that the party must start listening to the people instead of the politicians.

I think it’s important whenever you hear a Republican say, ‘we need to be compassionate and consider things like amnesty’ or, ‘America’s a nation of immigrants.Have you seen how the immigrants are doing in places like California?” 彼は尋ねた. “And then you wonder why more and more people vote for the Democratic Party or every generation seems to be a little bit less patriotic than the last. We can’t seem to figure this out.

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In the episode titled, ‘Nothing Left to Conserve,’ Gonzalez boldly called most Republican lawmakersspineless or stupidwhile being advised by Republican heads like GOP pollster Frank Luntz.

The writer explained that politicians must be held accountable and understand that holding an elected office means answering the wants and needs of their constituents.

That’s actually how we should be thinking of politicians,” 彼は言った. “You’re not giving me an opinion – I put you in office, I gave you power and you’re going to do what myself and my community, the Republican base at large, [want].”

You’re there because we put you there to do what we want. Because we have a dream or a vision of the country and it’s your job to help realize that; not your job to gaslight me and tell me… ‘Well, we can’t do stimulus checks, but we can do a bigger budget for the defense industry.’

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