Peggy Grande: Democrats own Afghanistan mess with Biden. They can't deny that they are accomplices

But don’t be fooled – this is NOT ジョー・バイデン’s fault. 番号, the catastrophic collapse of the past seven months is bigger than him. The blame does not lie with President Biden – it belongs with the Democrats. All of them.

The U.N., our allies, the mainstream media and even some prominent Democrats are starting to shift blame to Biden. They’re showing pictures of him alone in the Situation Room at Camp David, stepping off Marine One alone. Even the president is claiming, “The buck stops with me.Don’t fall into their trap.


The Democrats can’t deny that they are accomplices. They own this mess collectively and need to be blamed and held accountable collectively. They can’t be allowed to float while they sink him.

This unprecedented implosion belongs to every member of Democrat leadership – those in power now and those who started us down a dangerous pathway of undermining American exceptionalism, beginning with the 2008 Obama world apology tour. Our own president undercut our status as a world leader. Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted America to be loved, not feared. 今日, neither is true.


I hate to fathom this was the Democrats’ plan all along and they’re getting exactly what they wanted. Yet the dots only connect to that one conclusion.

Democrats don’t believe America should lead on the world stage. They don’t believe that a strong America creates a safer world. They believe in the good of the collaborative, the very roots of socialism. They believe in the world as they want it to be – not as it is. They say one thing while reality shows something entirely different. Americans and the world see this and know the truth – the Democrats are lying to them.


Democrats claim to care about every life yet have created a situation in which an unknown number of Americans have been abandoned behind enemy lines and in essence are hostages to a terrorist organization. Their lives are in grave danger. Texts from the State Department won’t save them.

Democrats talk about being champions for women and girls, yet have condemned a generation of Afghan females to live under sharia law, which will strip them of all freedoms, 権利, protections and access to education. Hashtags andstanding with themwon’t protect them from unimaginable horrors.

Democrats have abandoned the singular reason for the military – to protect America and Americans. They have shamefully turned the Pentagon into a laboratory for social issues. I wonder how many trapped Americans are supportive of the military’s recent focus on BLM, climate change, transgender issues and bending to the will of the woke left. Perhaps the Department of Defense should have been reading intelligence reports rather than their Twitter feed.

Surrender in Afghanistan has triggered a tsunami of consequences that will diminish our capacity to lead the world for years to come.