Pelosi admite derrota en proyecto de ley de infraestructura, says 'more time is needed'

Si bien Pelosi había prometido a los demócratas moderados de la Cámara de Representantes, el proyecto de ley de infraestructura estaría en el piso esta semana., Los progresistas amenazaron con hundirlo a menos que se combinara con un $ 3.5 billón de medidas de gasto, known as the Build Back Better Act, that includes a variety of social welfare programs.

Republicans are united against the larger bill, and Senate Democratic moderates Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona refused to support $ 3.5 trillion in new spending, meaning the bill could not pass the Senate. So it was no use for Pelosi to pass it in the House. And she was forced to cave on the infrastructure bill because progressives insisted the other measure be must be considered by the House too or they’d vote against the infrastructure bill.


The White House sought desperately all week to strike a deal with Manchin and Sinema on the Build Back Better bill, but without success.

‘While great progress has been made in the negotiations to develop a House, Senate and White House agreement on the Build Back Better Act, more time is needed to complete the task,” Pelosi wrote in Dear Colleague letter. “Our priority to create jobs in the health care, family and climate agendas is a shared value. Our Chairs are still working for clarity and consensus. Claramente, the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill will pass once we have agreement on the reconciliation bill.

Pelosi had said the infrastructure bill would pass. She initially indicated she would put it to a vote Thursday night, but she did not. Then she said it would be voted on Friday, but she was forced to reverse course again.

Following a meeting between President Biden and the Democratic caucus Friday, it was unclear when the House would revisit the measure again.

Fox News’ Emma Colton contributed to this article.

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