Pelosi's hometown bishop explains why he believes pro-choice Catholics should be denied communion


STEVE DOOCY: Can you be a devout practicing Catholic and support abortion?

ARCHBISHOP SALVATORE CORDILEONE: Absolutely not, absolutely not, 과…another reason I had to write this letter is to help people understand what this issue is about. This is not one policy issue among several. This is the most fundamental right. It’s the right to life. We’re talking about killing innocent human beings. So this is a very serious matter. Anyone who cooperates in that is involving themselves in a very serious sin, and absolutely not. That’s not possible.

DOOCY: Archbishop, does that mean you would refuse to give communion to somebody like Nancy Pelosi, who’s out in San Francisco, if she came into your church?

CORDILEONE: 내가 언급 한 바와 같이, these conversations have to take place before a move like that would have to happen. I believe in the case of Speaker Pelosi, she understands my abiding by church teaching, and I don’t think I would envision that situation actually happening. But it’s more a matter of avoiding the scandal that can be caused when prominent Catholics in whatever walk of life are advocating something that’s denial of a basic human right, and claiming to be a good Catholic in good conscience. I need to be very clear in the teaching: Catholics do not deny fundamental human rights and remain in good standing in the church.

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