Pence dismisses NY Times report on Trump taxes as ‘same old, same old

Pence dismisses NY Times report on Trump taxes as 'same old, same old'

트럼프 대통령 and the Trump Organization very likelytook advantage of all of the legal deductions and exemptions that were available in the tax code,” 부통령 마이크 펜스 말했다 “Special ReportTuesday ahead of the first presidential debate in Cleveland.

The American people know that when you create the kind of business President Donald Trump created, you literally pay tens of millions of dollars in state and local taxes, in payroll taxes when you create the kinds of jobs and prosperity that he created,” Pence told host Bret Baier. “That speaks for itself.

The New York Times reported Sunday that Trump paid paid no income tax in 10 of the past 15 years and paid just $ 750 in federal taxes in 2016 과 2017.

Pence told Baier that the reportfeels like the same old, same oldThese same issues and allegations came up in 2016during the campaign.


Turning to the debate, Pence suggested that Trumppoint out the fact that when he was out creating jobs, Joe Biden was spending 47 years in Washington, D.C., helping to create that tax code, while President Donald Trump was creating jobs. So honestly, this is not where the American people are focused.

Looking ahead to his own debate next week against Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, Pence said he wascounting the days.

In the middle of a global pandemic Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to raise taxes by four trillion dollars,” Pence said. “They want to stifle American energy and the American energy renaissance that’s created thousands of jobsAnd they want to have an activist court once again, legislating from the bench. I am going to lay out that case. I am going to lay out that choice.

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