Pennsylvania deli warns of hiding police car: 'The cop hides behind this sign'

A photo on Facebook appears to show a デリ revealing that a cop car is hiding behind the store’s sign to catch speeders. それが判明, しかしながら, the message was actually on the sign before the police ever showed up.

The Bridgeville Police Department in Pennsylvania posted a picture to its Facebook page that shows one of its cars sitting behind the sign for a local deli. While the car would normally be well hidden behind the sign, the messaging seems to give away the cop’s presence.

Slow down,” それは読む. “The cop hides behind this sign.It also mentions that there will be a fish fry on Friday.


The police department captioned the post, “Well… I guess the jokes on us! SMH. Good one, PJ’s Deli!”

それが判明, しかしながら, that the sign wasn’t put up to give away the hiding cop car. According to the deli’s owner, the sign was put there to prevent dangerous driving and the police had never used it to hide their cars.

It was put up as a joke, and they came and parked a cruiser behind the sign and took their own picture,” Pam Wheat, owner of PJ’s Deli, 言った 狐 5.


Wheat continued, “We see accidents almost daily on our corner because it’s a bad intersection, but they do not use my property to hide so you can let that secret out of the bag.

報道機関によると, the deli has a good relationship with the local police department. When officers found out about the sign, they thought it was funny and wanted to be part of the joke.

Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King told 狐 5, “I thought this was great because it shows we can laugh at ourselves.