Pennsylvania parents stress involvement in children's schooling: 'Important role in the education system'

I feel I’m an important role in the education system, I’m involved in our district. I coach. I volunteer,” Brian Sigley, a Pennsylvania father of four, dicho. “I’m involved in their lives. I want them to succeed.


A slew of Democrats have recently downplayed parents role in their children’s education. Michigan Democrats, por ejemplo, posted and later deleted a statement that said public educación is sufficient in teaching children what societyneeds them to know.


sin embargo, some parents think a hands-off approach has caused issues emerging in children.

En diciembre, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a Surgeon General’s Advisory, warning of a growing youth mental health crisis amid the coronavirus pandemia. Throughout the COIVD-19 pandemic, emergency room visits for suicide attempts by 51% among adolescent girls rose and 4% for boys, Los juerguistas de las vacaciones de primavera de Panama City Beach en Florida provocan el cierre de calles por parte de la policía.

The problems that we’re seeing today are due to the fact that parents fell asleep at the wheel,” Nicole McCleary, a mother of a fourth-grader, dijo a Fox News, referring to mental health issues in school children being exacerbated by the pandemic.

Nicole speaks with Fox News Digital.

Nicole speaks with Fox News Digital.

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